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Hey everyone, has posted their review of the DVD Box Set for seasons four through seven (Zeo, Turbo, Space and Galaxy).

The Power Rangers Seasons 4-7 (Zeo to Lost Galaxy) Box Set is a subset of the Power Rangers 40-DVD Box Set, which includes Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. The larger box set will begin shipping on August 6th. More information on the 40-DVD Box Set is posted on Samurai Cast. You can also pre-order the Box Set at PowerRangersOnDVD.COM.

Here is my personal review of the Zeo to Lost Galaxy DVD Box Set and the bonus features. Power Rangers Zeo and Lost Galaxy are two of my favorite seasons, so I’m pretty excited about this particular set. If you have any specific questions about the Box Set, feel free to post them on RangerCrew. You can also read our review on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DVD Box Set on our Blog. I would like to give special thanks to Shout! Factory for the review copy. Shout! Factory has requested that fans don’t upload any screen captures or video footage from the actual DVD product. Promotional materials are available to show off the video quality and the bonus features. [READ MORE]

Box Set Cover:

Lost Galaxy Cover(s):

In Space Cover(s):

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