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Name:Guardians of Space (PRIS & PRLG)
Website:LiveJournal Mirror
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Community description:A community dedicated to Saban's Power Rangers In Space and Lost Galaxy
Galactic Warriors

Space Rangers

Welcome to [community profile] the_tenth_power (Guardians of Space), a community dedicated to the 1998 and 1999 entries of Saban's Power Rangers series, In Space and Lost Galaxy (both of which are based on Toei's Super Sentai Series, Megaranger and Gingaman of roughly the same era) The two are last entries with serious connections to the Mighty Morphin' or "Zordon/Post-Zordon Era" of the Power Rangers franchise before the series went the way of the totally self-contained set of stories (that take place in the same universe/neighborhood).

I say "both" because Lost Galaxy contains far too many elements (both in reference, actual practice and unused ideas) of the past series to be completely self-contained or unrelated to the MMPR/Zordon-Era like its followers would be, not to be considered apart of the "Zordon/Post-Zordon Era" (hell, Leo practically certifies it in To The Tenth Power), but I'm not really arguing something that's not acknowledged so.... [shrugs].

For the moment, this community is just another expression of my adoration for the both series as a whole. All those who like either or both seasons are more than welcome to join the community and share whatever thoughts or material they have for PRIS or PRLG. My main request is that no one dog on show over the other. This isn't a "versus" or "flamebait" community.

#0. NO DRAMA: This isn't TNT or If your sole intention for joining is cause trouble you will be banned.

#00. When Posting News and other material you did not create, remember to link to the "SOURCE" you found it at. Its only right.

#01. Be polite to your fellow members. There may be difference of opinions, but please, no personal attacks or name calling. This is a light-hearted fan community, let's not make it a negative experience. Agree to disagree if it comes to it. If you continue to be a problem in this community, you'll be banned from posting.

#02. No more than 3 icons behind an LJ cut please. Anything over exactly three icons will be rejected.

#03. Images over 100x100 - 400x400 pixels should be placed behind a cut. Don't know how to make one? Click Here.

#04. SPOILERS: are non existent in this community. Both In Space and Lost Galaxy have been out for 12 and 13 years since their debut, so the only thing that really needs to be behind a cut are fanfiction, graphics, mixes, rants and long discussion posts.

#05. IN REGARDS TO FANFICTION/FANART: You can post whatever you like (except incest and PRF) to the point of an 'R'-rating. NC-17 related works are not allowed here, fanart or fanfiction containing explicit material or themes should be labeled with the proper warnings and placed behind a cut always. There is no excuse for not doing this and failure to comply to this rule with have your post rejected or deleted, persistent disobedience will result in a ban.

#06. COMMUNITY PROMOTION: is allowed, but please remember to ask @ the "affiliation" post (see TAG: 'affiliates') to get an okay. Also remember that the promotion of a community must pertain to the subject matter of the community (in this case Power Rangers In Space/Lost Galaxy, or PR-Related communities). Failure to follow this rule will result in the privilege of promoting being revoked and the post rejected.

#07. USE THE TAGS: I cannot stress this enough. They were created for the sole purpose of keeping things here at the community in order and easier to find and to reduce the hours spent browsing through the calendar section. It's not a complicated request to adhere to in the least and it will be much appreciated by the maintainers.

#08. With the recent increase of spammers here at livejournal to become a member you must have an active/established account that you post on a semi-regular basis. If you've been rejected then it is because of the following:
☣ There are zero to no entries on your personal journal (outside of the "Weclome to LiveJournal!" Message) since it's inception.
☢ You have no associates (friends) nor are you a member of any communities.
☣ Your journal is new and not established.

#09. To affiliate with this community click here and you'll be added.

#10. Do not post Artwork or Fanfiction that isn't your own without the creator's express permission. It will be deleted otherwise.

#11. Absolutely NO HOTLINKING images. If you have images you wish to upload, please use your Scrapbook or Image hosting websites (,,, imagebam etc). Do not use the Bandwidth from another website, its what people call "Bandwidth Stealing" and its not nice.

#12. Keep meida like fanmixes and downloads available to view for "Members Only". Do not leave them public.

#13. Failure to comply to the rules will result in a permaban from the community.



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